Cutting edge, 3D Illustration created on time and within budget. Specializing in creating 3D Logos for the entertainment and corporate world, 3D Product Shots, Prototypes and all manner of 3D visualization. 

I strive to create inspired and visually pleasing imagery which helps my clients convey their message. It is important to me that my client's communication is well received by their chosen audience. 

This takes work and also knowing one's tools cold. Not only the technical 3D toolset but also design and artistic principles such as color harmony, color depth, composition, etc, etc. Also, having a good grounding in photography and photographic theory and principles, is somewhat essential. 

Computer graphics and illustration can be cold and feel devoid of life. It's my job to put life into every project I take on....I want my clients to be successful and have their logo, image, campaign, etc work.

Contact me with any questions you might have regarding using 3D in your next project.......I am always happy to answer any question you might have. 


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